IP Transit

High-Speed IP Transit Connection.

Elevate Your Reach with Internet Hellas’ High-Speed IP Transit Connection

Internet Hellas empowers your business to extend its reach through our high-speed network. Experience enhanced global connectivity with our IP Transit service, allowing you to elevate your overall connectivity experience. Gain direct access to more networks with lower latency, providing the foundation for your business to thrive.

At Internet Hellas, we prioritize efficiency to optimize your connectivity journey.

direct internet access

direct Internet Access

Unparalleled Internet Access.

We provide dedicated and secure connections, guaranteeing swift and reliable access to the online world. Elevate your business operations with our high-performance connectivity, designed to meet the unique needs of today’s dynamic enterprises.

At the core of our Direct Internet Access services is our proprietary extended network, ensuring widespread coverage and seamless connectivity, providing businesses with a robust and reliable infrastructure for their digital needs.

Choose Internet Hellas for Direct Internet Access that goes beyond traditional connectivity, leveraging cutting-edge technology to keep your business at the forefront.

Ethernet Private Line

Elevate your connectivity.

Optimize your business data transfer with Internet Hellas’ Ethernet Private Line services.

Our dedicated point-to-point connections ensure swift and secure data transmission, fostering a seamless flow of information within your network. With a commitment to reliability and speed, our tailored Ethernet solutions provide a unique advantage.

We offer a seamless experience, addressing the specific needs of your enterprise.

Last Mile Connectivity

Reliable Connectivity.

Delivering high-speed connectivity involves intricate networks of data centers, WAN connections, and ISPs. At Internet Hellas, we understand the critical role of the last mile in ensuring reliable connectivity. Our tailored Last Mile Connectivity solutions guarantee a robust link from any infrastructure to your premises, optimizing your business operations seamlessly. This final leg of connectivity is where data is delivered from the infrastructure to the end user device, making Last Mile Connectivity the cornerstone of internet access. Choose Internet Hellas for a complete connection to the digital world.

Remote IXP Peering

Global Network Access.

Our solutions ensure low-latency connections, giving your business a significant advantage in the digital landscape. Remote Peering is the easiest and most efficient way to peer at an Internet Exchange, eliminating the need for physical presence. Utilize our infrastructure to effortlessly reach IXPs without additional connectivity investments, optimizing your network strategy.

Choose Internet Hellas for streamlined, high-performance Remote IXP Peering, placing your business at the forefront of global connectivity.

Data Center Interconnection

Seamless connectivity, infinite possibilities.

Discover the future of seamless data connectivity through Internet Hellas’ Data Center Interconnect (DCI) services. Our technology links data centers across various distances, utilizing high-speed optical connectivity. Οur solutions offer essential connectivity options, ensuring flexibility.

Empowering data centers to seamlessly share resources and balance workloads, our DCI solutions are tailored to the unique demands of your business. Large enterprises benefit from connecting their data centers within extended infrastructures, fostering collaboration with partners.

Experience the efficiency of Internet Hellas’ DCI services, delivering higher-capacity connectivity that seamlessly integrates your data across the digital landscape.

Virtual Private Network

Secure connections, limitless possibilities.

Elevate your business connectivity with Internet Hellas’ Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Our VPN solutions establish a private and encrypted tunnel, ensuring the security and integrity of your data transmissions. Whether connecting remote offices for seamless collaboration, enabling secure access for remote employees, or safeguarding sensitive information, our VPN services provide a flexible solution. Trust in our commitment to secure data transmission, offering customizable and scalable VPN solutions tailored to your business needs. Choose Internet Hellas for a reliable, secure, and efficient Virtual Private Network that keeps your business connected while prioritizing the privacy of your critical digital assets.